Baby Steps

I didn’t make any grand resolutions this year. I never end up keeping any of them. Who does? Someone with more tenacity that me … LOL.

But I AM taking steps to improve myself … body, mind, and spirit. Nothing big … ‘cuz I’d be liable to go back 2 steps for he 1 big one forward. I figured that if I start with little things, then I’ll keep at it and add more little things as the year goes on.

I started by eating at my kitchen table. Now, that might not sound like a change, but for me it is. I have been eating at my coffee table in front of the tv. Yeah … I can still see the tv from the kitchen table (it’s a small apartment … LOL), but I need something to keep me occupied. :G-grin:

Keeping in the ‘eating’ realm of things … I’ve started drinking chocolate milk with meals at home instead of pop. I definitely need more calcium in my diet. I am taking calcium pills, and I do eat a lot of cheese, but that’s not enough. And I know I wouldn’t drink regular milk. So I went with chocolate.

I still have PLENTY to work on. Regarding my diet … I need to work on portion control and not drinking so much pop and just generally eating healthier. And I need to start exercising too.

And I have other stuff to work on too … stuff dealing with self-esteem and self-image and that sort of stuff. That’s the stuff that’ll be harder than the stuff dealing with my diet. But … at least I have started somewhere.