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Pod of One

They say that “one is the loneliest number”. Live in a “pod of one” for a year and a half during a worldwide pandemic, and you’ll know that’s true. I’ve been living in a pod of one since the end of March 2020. At first I was okay with it. I’m an introvert with social … Continue Reading

Musings from an Introvert

On most days, I’m just fine being an introvert. I enjoy spending time by myself, whether I’m lost in code or getting shit done around the house or just relaxing in my comfy recliner. But other days I wish there was an off switch for my introversion. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a … Continue Reading

Becky: You Deserve It, Dammit!

I suffer from Imposter Syndrome. I also suffer from Asshole Brain Syndrome™. I am my own worst enemy.  Earlier this year, I was working out on a regular basis and eating right. I was actually starting to feel good. Not necessarily happy, but good nonetheless. At some point, something happened and I stopped working out … Continue Reading

A Brand New Becky?

This past weekend I was in Minneapolis, and it was just what the doctor ordered. I feel invigorated and ready to take on the world. The purpose of the trip was to attend WordCamp Minneapolis. It was my first WordCamp, 2nd conference in Minneapolis this year, and 4th trip to Minneapolis in the past year and … Continue Reading

Fitness Status Report: 2015 Year End

Now that we’ve moved from 2015 to 2016, I wanted share the progress in my “get healthy” movement (I need a better name LOL). I thought that if I post monthly updates, it would keep me honest, keep me going, and maybe find some support from anyone who reads the updates. At the end of April, … Continue Reading

Dear Santa

Hey Santa. What’s up? Sorry I’m writing so late in the holiday season. I didn’t really have anything that I wanted to ask you for. I’m at a point where I can buy the fun toys that I want for myself (like my Fitbit and my Pioneer Woman dutch oven). But … if you have a little … Continue Reading

Feta & Pesto Chicken Rolls

I watch the Food Network a LOT. If I’m not watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory or Criminal Minds, I’m watching the Food Network. When I’m watching the Food Network, I’m most likely also searching for and pinning recipes on Pinterest. There are a few ingredients that I’ve been dying to try (thanks to being taunted by … Continue Reading

Bucket List Revisited

My birthday is one month from today. And it’s gonna be a big one. The big FOUR-OH. Oh HELL NO! I hate admitting that that’s how old I am, but it’s a fact (unfortunately). As it did 2 years ago, this milestone has me reflecting on my life. But instead of the negative, I’m trying to … Continue Reading


I’ve had belly issues every now and again for the past few years. Nothing major and no discernible patterns. It generally happened after I had eaten too much cheese. On Easter, I dealt with issues worse than I ever had before. I wasn’t in pain, but I definitely wasn’t comfortable. I had gotten to a … Continue Reading


I have a birthday coming up next week. I’ll be the big 3-8. 38? Thirty-eight?!? How the hell did I get to be 38? I’ve been feeling a bit down since Monday … more so than usual. It has me reflecting on my life and where I am. Yes … I am a home owner. … Continue Reading