It’s mine! It’s all MINE!

Well, I decided to get my mp3 player from Best Buy. Since my federal tax refund was deposited this morning, I went there after work to get my new toy. :clap: It’s plugged in right now charging. I love that it has an internal battery. But it sucks that I’ve gotta wait for it to charge up before I can play with it. :G-frown:

Now I have to decide which songs to upload. I already have a pretty good idea of which ones I HAVE to have on it. And it’s got a radio too, so I can still listen to Froggy.

I’ll put up a review after I’ve had time to play around with it. Probably not until early next week, after I’ve had a chance to use it at work. Now I need to go eat. I was gonna order a pizza, but if I did that now, I wouldn’t get it until after 7pm … and I’m hungry now. I guess that’s what I get for playing with my new toy. :G-LOL: