Thank goodness I keep (pretty) good records

Today started out pretty good. Yeah, I got up about 8am or so, but was actually in a pretty decent mood. I paid some bills and then went to the grocery store to get some stuff. I wanted to get that done early because I was waiting for Robin to call about the painting party. A bunch of people were planning on getting together to help her paint her house (the inside obviously … too cold to paint outside … LOL).

But that mood quickly went sour when I got home from the grocery store and got my mail. There was a letter in there from JSND. Apparently there was a discrepancy in what I reported for earnings for the week after I was laid off and what my employer had reported. My employer reported that I made more than what I reported. WTF?!?

Well, I know I keep pretty good records. And I am confident that what I reported was correct. But I was having an issue trying to find something that I needed for comparison purposes. I was stressed and freaking out. Thank goodness I live alone … LOL. I was NOT a pretty sight.

But I believe I have everything I need to prove that what I reported was correct. I’ve got a letter almost ready to go, I just need to close it off. And I’ve got a couple of documents to include to support my claims (my last paystub and an email from my employer splitting out the pieces of my final paycheck … salary, holiday, vacation). I want to mail it off on Monday since they need it within 7 days. And with snail mail, I don’t wanna take any chances. I think I’m even going to send it certified mail so I have proof. Of course, that means going to the post office on my lunch break. Thank goodness it’s only a block away from work, but I still don’t wanna go there.

Hopefully everything will turn out fine. I KNOW that I’m right. I made sure I had the correct information before certifying those first 2 weeks. I’ll have to talk to Kelly at work on Tuesday (since she’s only in one day a week now) to find out where she got the numbers she did.

But now I’m in a HORRIBLE mood. I really wanted to go help Robin paint. But I think she wants the painting to be done well. With the mood I’m in, I don’t know how good of a job I’d do. Plus, I still need to button this stuff up so I can mail it off on Monday. I want to make sure all my i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. I don’t wanna leave anything questionable when dealing with the government.

And here I thought everything was going well with my finances. I don’t have a car payment anymore. I have a savings account now. I can send more money to my credit cards to get those paid off sooner (I’m not using them anymore, but there’s still those damn financial charges). I just wish I knew what I did to piss off the financial gods. I guess my first mistake was thinking I was finally getting ahead. :G-frown: