Soothes the savage beast

It’s amazing how music can change a person’s mood (or at least it can mine). Since the post office was closed today (stupid federal holidays), I decided to go to the Job Service office to fax my crap in. But I get there only to find out that they’re CLOSED. :censored: So, I wasted half of my lunch hour. Not only that, but on my way there, I got behind a semi that kicked up crap on my windshield (since the temps were warmer the snow/ice on the roads melted). I tried to clean off my windshield only to find out that I had no washer fluid, leaving me unable to see out of my windshield. So I had to pull off on a side road and use my glove (since I didn’t have any kleenexes or anything in my car or purse) to clean off my windshield enough to see out of it. (I did have some washer fluid in my trunk, so I put it in when I got back to work. So I was able to see out the windshield on my way home tonite.)

Needless to say, I was NOT in a good mood when I got back to work. I ate my lunch quick since I only had about 30 minutes left. Then when I went back to work, I was having issues with Eclipse (the program we edit/write our code in). Thank goodness Justin was at lunch because I was cussing at my computer. But I started listening to 32 Below on my mp3 player. I actually calmed down after that.

Music has been able to cheer me up in the past. And 32 Below (or their predecessors Wolf Butte) always seemed to have that affect on me. Thank goodness for music (and my mp3 player).