Review: Creative Zen V Plus mp3 player

mp3 playerProduct: Creative Zen V Plus 2 GB mp3 player
Amount Spent: $138.39 (after $10 gift card) at Best Buy
Pros: Small, Rechargeable Internal Battery, Durable
Cons: Capacity a little low, Controls take a little bit to get use to

I have had this mp3 player for exactly one month. (I’m writing this a little later than I had planned, but I’ve had more time to play with it.) I love it. Where to start …

I mainly use it at work, but I do use it some times at home (I’m actually listening to it right now while I’m typing this up and watching Busch Series qualifying on tv … nothing like multi-tasking … LOL). I also listen to it in the car from time to time since I bought a (6ft) stereo mini cable. That’ll come in handy when I take road trips.

My Ratings and Reasoning:

Soundstarstarstarstar The sound is great … or at least as good as the mp3 quality. But I’ve been very happy. I’ve generally been ripping my CDs at 128kbps. It’s good enough for me.

Ease of Usestarstarstar For the most part, it is fairly easy to use. When I first started playing with it, it took a little getting use to … mainly the “joystick”. Once I realized I was being a TOTAL blond … I realized it was pretty straightforward. It is a little annoying at times to have to scroll through everything to get to what I want. It would be nice if you could select a letter and get all the artists for that. But otherwise, not too many complaints.

Durabilitystarstarstarstar I have been VERY happy with the durability of this little thing. I have accidentally knocked it on the floor a few times … once on carpet at home and a few at work on a hard floor. The one time it was a pretty good drop … enough to separate the player from the headphones. 😯 But I picked it up and it kept on playing. That is definitely NICE. I have been more careful ever since … 😀

Portabilitystarstarstarstar It’s small, so it’s very portable. I use the pouch that it came with to take it to and from work. Works very well for me. It holds the player and the headphones with room left. I tried the lanyard that it came with, but it doesn’t work very well at work … it hangs down onto the keyboard. But I have discovered a use for that little ‘coin pocket’ that usually in the right front pocket of jeans … this player fits PERFECTLY in that little pocket. It’s great. Now I don’t have to worry about knocking it off my desk at work.

Battery Lifestarstarstarstar I haven’t really tested this yet. I listen to it at work … probably around 7 hours or so (depending on how much Justin bugs me during the day … LOL). There’s still a good amount of battery left when I get home (according to the indicator). I charge it every nite to make sure that it won’t die on me the next day at work.

Other Thoughts:
I really like the size of this player. It is nice and small. And like I said above … I love that it fits in that little pocket.

Another thing that I love about it is that it displays any CD art that is attached to the mp3 files. AWESOME. And when I use Windows Media Player 10 to rip my CDs, it automatically associates the CD art to the mp3 files. The only thing I noticed is that the CD art for a couple of my CDs is messed up. I’ll fix that eventually.

The main reason I went with this player was because it has an FM tuner in it. So I can still listen to the radio when I feel like it and then switch over to mp3s. I generally listen to the radio in the morning ’til about 9 or 9:30 (gotta listen to the Froggy Gang Morning Show).

It also works well with the stereo in my car now that I have the stereo mini cable. I just have to remember to turn the volume on the player DOWN after I’ve listened to it in the car. In the car, I have the volume as high as it will go … 25 (I believe). When I listen with my headphones, I have the volume at 2. I did forget once … my ears were NOT happy … LOL.

Any Regrets?
Only one … that I didn’t get the 4GB version. LOL I have the 2GB almost all used up. There are 459 songs on it right now. That’s a good amount, but in order to add any new CDs I buy, I’ll have to take something off. I already had to do that when I bought my last CD a couple weeks ago.

I am VERY happy with this little player. It just goes to show you, that you don’t really have to have an iPod to have a nice mp3 player. It just wish I could squeeze more music on it. Maybe I’ll get a new one in a year or so and pass this one on to Lisa (don’t know if I’d just give it to her to make her pay me for it … LOL. Nice sister, ain’t I? :G-razz3: )