It’s official .. and I have to swallow my pride

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a HUGE Dale Earnhardt Jr fan. And those who know me also know that I really don’t care for Hendrick Motorsports (ewww :sick: ). Today one of my favorite drivers (and the first one … the main reason I’ve become such a NASCAR fan) announced that he will be driving for my most detested race team for the 2008 season. Dale Jr will be replacing Kyle Busch at Hendrick motorsports.

I will ALWAYS be a Dale Jr fan. Even though he is going where he is going. I’m gonna have to suck it up. But just because he’s driving for Hendrick and he’s going to be teammates with Jeffie Poo ( :sick: ) and Jimmie ( :sick: ), that doesn’t mean that I’m gonna cheer for those two. The only good thing is that he’s going to be teammates with Casey Mears now. Maybe Lisa and I won’t fight so much when we’re watching the races together (yeah right … aren’t sisters SUPPOSED to fight … LOL).

I really hope that Budweiser decides to move with Dale Jr. It would be so weird seeing him drive a car with any other sponsor on it. It’s gonna be strange enough to see him in a car that doesn’t have the #8 on it. But whatever his car #8 and whomever his sponsor is … I’m still gonna be a Dale Jr fan. I’m not a “fair-weather” fan. I’m a TRUE fan.

All I know is that the 2008 NASCAR season is going to be an interesting season.