Becky & Robin’s Big Adventure

Robin and I went out last nite for the first time since she before she had Dannilynn. We did go to the Emerson Drive concert at the fair, but I don’t count that. Anyways …

We went to Bucks first. They had a band outside and were doing a motorcycle giveaway, so we figured there’d be a lot of people there. And there were … even at around 9:30pm when we got there. We sat inside for a bit and then went outside to watch the band. When we were inside, I saw this guy walk behind me and Robin pointed him out to me at about the same time. He was tall … that’s why I noticed him and why I think Robin pointed him out to me. I checked him out (hey … I’m single … I can … :G-razz1: ), and he looked like Dale Earnhardt Jr 😯 :love: :drool2: (at least like Jr did a few years ago). If I wasn’t such a candy ass, I might have gone up to talk to him. But nope. Just watched and drooled … :drool2:

After the band finished (they could only play ’til 11pm outside due to city ordinances … :G-frown: ), I noticed my tall Dale Jr look-alike was heading toward the bikes out front (and when I say bikes, I mean motorcycles … vrroom vrroom). Very nice bike too … not a stock one … it had some funky longer handlebars … like something you’d see ’em make on American Choppers. He and his friend left. I said to Robin something about them maybe going to Mr.Gs (since that’s where we were headed next). Neither one of us figured they’d be there tho. They didn’t seem the type to go there (but then again, I never thought I was the type to go to Mr.Gs).

We headed over to Mr.Gs. When we were almost at the door, I asked Robin, “Are those the bikes those guys were on?”. They were parked right by the door. And yep … it was them. :drool2: There was an open table near where they were standing so we grabbed it (or rather I herded Robin toward it … 😀 ). Unfortunately, they didn’t stick around for too long. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Robin and I were both getting kind of bored there. Music was loud and I didn’t see anything promising after my Jr look-alike left. Robin looked really bored (sorry Robin). As we were finishing our beer, the power went out. It had been a warm day, but I didn’t think it had been that bad. And we were never told to conserve power (at least that I had heard). We both thought that the outage was limited to the block we were on, so we finished our beer and decided to head back to Bucks. Once we got on 13th Ave and headed toward Bucks, we realized that the power outage wasn’t limited to the area around Mr.Gs. We got on the other (east) side of I-29 and the power was still out. We decided to come to my place to see if I had power (since we were only about a block away), and we figured that Bucks probably didn’t have power anyways. And I had beer in my fridge that was gonna get warm if the power was out … LOL.

Sure enough … no power in my apartment building. Good thing we took the glow-sticks with us from Mr.Gs :shh2: We came up and Robin had a beer and I had some pop (I was driving). We were here for around 30 minutes or so. Power never came back on. My apartment was rather warm … around 82° according to my thermometer … that’s why we were out on the balcony.

We decided it was time to go get Dannilynn from the babysitters. We headed back down 13th Ave yet again. Power still out … all the way down to 45th St. Everything was fine in that area. We got Dannilynn, and I took her and Robin home and then headed back home myself. Thank goodness the power was back on by then. When I got home, according to my flashing clocks it had been on for around a half hour. So, I believe the power was out from around 11:50-11:30 to about 1am. I have NO clue as to why it was out. I’ll have to watch the news tonite to see if they say anything. You’d think they would since it was such a large area (west to east that is … not sure how far north to south was affected).

And I have to add this … Robin, you’re gonna love it. On my way home from Robin’s, I saw my Jr look-alike and his buddy on their bikes again … in front of the mall. The buddy had a girl on the back of his bike, but my Jr look-alike didn’t. Hmmmm … do you think that seeing him in 3 different places is a sign? :love: I’m such a dork … LOL. :beanie: