The day after

Yesterday was a LONG, interesting, but fun day. The interesting started in the morning. I went shopping for some stuff at Walmart and had to lay on the horn twice within a span of a couple minutes while I was leaving the parking lot. People need to pay attention when they drive. Then I stopped at Home Depot to get a chair for my balcony. I had planned on getting a couple of those stackable plastic chairs, but I sat in an Adirondack style chair, and decided to get that. I’ll probably be the one person sitting on the balcony anyways. And if someone does come over and we sit out there, I have my fold-up chair. Getting that chair into my car proved to be very challenging. I thought it would fit in my backseat, but the plastic wasn’t as flexible as I hoped it would be, and the base was too wide to fit through the door. Luckily, a guy saw I was having trouble getting it into my car and stopped to help. Not sure what made him stop, but I’m glad he did. He tried to get it in the backseat, but couldn’t. So we ended up putting it in my trunk and tying the trunk down. I guess Good Samaritans do still exist.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty much lazy. I watched some stuff I had on tape from the past week. That’s about it. Then I started getting ready for the concert. Robin and I went to the Daughtry/Bon Jovi concert last nite. We took a shuttle bus from Big D’s. I’m glad we did. It saved the headache of getting to the Dome and finding a place to park and having to get out afterwards. But it made for an interesting experience. But more on that later.

I met Robin at Big D’s a little before 6pm to hop on a bus. I was afraid they’d leave before we got there, but we were fine. Had plenty of time to spare. The bad part of taking the bus … they dropped us off on the west side of the Dome but our seats were on the east side. So we had to walk all the way around to get to our section. And walking through that mass of people sure was interesting. The show was sold out. They said there were 25,000 people there. I think about half of them were in line for the women’s bathroom. Geez! Why is it that there is always a huge line for the women’s but never a line for the men’s?

Our seats were basically at the top of the Dome, but there were up front almost right on the side of the stage. So, while we were way up top, we could still see the stage really good. And they had video screens. So we didn’t miss anything. And those video screens, they were cool. Leave it to a geek like me to notice them. I first noticed that they were moving up and down. Then I saw them kinda pulling apart. Apparently they were made up of some sort of strips of video. They were separate screens and they morphed into a single screen and it was just cool. And the back of the stage moved too. And had video on it as well. Very geeky and cool. I wish I had my camera with so I could have gotten pics. I tried to take some with my cell phone, but that doesn’t have a very good camera on it.

As for the concert itself. Awesome. I love Daughtry. And he was basically the main reason I wanted to go. He didn’t disappoint. And damn if the man ain’t HOT!!! He put on an awesome show. And as for Bon Jovi … I don’t know all of their music, but I know enough to enjoy the show. I missed the first few songs because I was in line for the bathrooms (grrrrrrr). But the rest of the show that I did see was awesome. At one point, he was out on a small stage basically right in front of us. If I had my camera, I could have gotten some good pics.

Getting back to Big D’s after the show was where the interesting REALLY began. We found a Big D’s bus and got on it. Some dude came on and yelled that if that wasn’t the bus you came on to get off and find the bus you came on. Uh, dumbass, when we got on the bus, we were just told to look for a bus with a Big D’s sign on it when we left. We weren’t told to get back on the same bus. Hell, I don’t even know what bus number I was on on the way there. So we stayed put. I think it would have been better if we had gotten off and on another one. But it wouldn’t have been as interesting.

Before we even left the dome, a couple of guys almost got into a brawl on the bus. I don’t know if they were both drunk or just plain stupid. I thought we were never gonna get outta there. And of course, it was right by where we were sitting. And poor Robin was sitting on the outside. Luckily nothing happened. They calmed down … or at least sat down. And we left. We made it to interstate and headed back to Big D’s. Then all of a sudden, I noticed we were slowing down and moving off to the side of the road. I didn’t think we were at the exit yet. My first thought was that we ran out of gas. Then we heard someone say something about going to jail. Robin had noticed some guy head up to the front of the bus talking on his cell phone. Apparently he was one of the guys in the ‘altercation’ before we left the Dome, and he had called the cops. I think he got the bus driver to pull over to wait for the cops. But we got going again. But the fun didn’t stop there.

A little bit after we got going, we pulled over again. This time there were flashing light behind us. Yes, that’s right … we got pulled over by a cop in a school bus. 4 people ended up getting off … one of the guys from the altercation and his wife, the guy who called the cops, and some other guy who apparently got threatened. Talk about drama.

We eventually got going again and made it back to Big D’s. Since we had been on the bus, we got in to the ‘after party’ for free (but the sign said ladies were free anyways) and got a free beer. So Robin and I got our beer and sat for a bit. They had a band … not too bad. But we didn’t stay longer than the time it took to drink our beer. We ended up going to Pistol Pete’s because Avalanche was playing there this weekend. I haven’t seen them since my birthday. And that was back in November. I think we should have gone to The Town Hall like Robin suggested instead. But then again, that wouldn’t have been as interesting.

Yes … the interesting events for the evening were not done yet. We got to Pete’s, grabbed a table, and I went and got a pitcher of beer. Unfortunately they had run out of Bud Light (WTF?!?! I guess they didn’t think they’d be as busy as they were. So they ran out. Come on dudes … plan better), so I got Coors Light instead. I should have just gotten a couple bottles, but again, that wouldn’t have been as interesting (have you sensed the pattern yet … LOL).

We were sitting there, drinking our beer and people watching. The band went on break. Our pitcher was almost empty … maybe about a glass and a half left or so. I had just filled my glass. All of a sudden I was wearing what was left of our beer. 😯 Some couple was out dancing and he was flipping her or something. Her shoe went flying off and apparently our pitcher of beer had a bulls eye on it. Her shoe hit our pitcher and the beer landed on me … what was in our pitcher and my glass. My phone landed on the floor, covered in beer. Luckily the phone was fine. Me on the other hand, I was rather went … and not in a good way. :biggrin: The guy that was sitting behind us must have asked if I was okay like 4 or 5 times. I said (every time) that I was fine, just wet.

The chick on the dance floor stopped and was looking for her shoe. I motioned that it was over by us somewhere. The guy felt bad, so he said he’d buy us another pitcher. Well, it turns out the bar gave us another pitcher. So we ended up with 2 free pitchers. We had almost finished off one pitcher (and we were going to stop at that point), and now we had 2 full ones. No way we were gonna drink all that. I still had to drive us back to Robin’s car at Big D’s, and she had to go pick up Dannilynn. That’s why we weren’t planning on drinking much. We did manage to give one of the pitchers away. But we left the other one almost 3/4 full on the table when we left. Good thing we didn’t pay for it.

Robin said she had no clue what had happened, just that I was wearing our beer all of a sudden. We laughed about it the rest of the nite. I think we’re gonna be laughing about it for quite some time. I mean, what are the odds? That shoe flying off and hitting our pitcher dead on like that? I don’t think anyone could do that again if they tried. And if they did, I’d kick their ass. I’d much rather DRINK the beer than wear it.

I don’t know if last nite was a sign that Robin and I shouldn’t go out together or what. I hope not. We have way too much fun when we go out. And we don’t go out that often. Last nite was basically only the 2nd time we’ve gone out since my birthday back in November. Whether it’s a sign or not, I don’t care. We’re still gonna go out together. The fair and RibFest are coming up in a couple months.

All I do know is that we’re gonna have a couple of interesting stories to tell from the events of last nite. I mean, how many people can say they’ve been pulled over on a school bus? And even though it happened to me, wearing more beer than you’ve drank is just plain funny … looking back on it that is … now that I’ve dried off. :rofl:

I should go take a nap. I didn’t get to bed ’til about 3:30am and got up around 9am (I did wake up around 7am but managed to get back to sleep). And all that excitement wore me out. I’m too old for this. 😉