Not a good start

I mentioned yesterday that I found out that my name is on Dale Earnhardt Jr’s car for this weekend’s race. I’m still giddy just thinking about it. But I hope I didn’t jinx Jr by my name being on the car.

During the first practice today, he had engine issues, and they had to change the engine. Then after only 9 laps on the track during the second practice, his right rear tire exploded. And when I say exploded, I mean EXPLODED. It tore up the rear of the car, and several other cars were also involved. They had to bring out a backup for him. Luckily, the names are on the backup car too.

Hopefully all these issues for Jr during practice will mean he will have a good race on Sunday. He’ll have to start in the back because he’s in a backup car, but that boy knows his way around Talladega. He’ll be up front before the race even reaches halfway.