Job search update

Tomorrow will be 2 months since my last day of work on my last contract job (the one that the company ended early [for financial reasons]). As I mentioned a few days ago, there haven’t been all that many opportunities around the Fargo area … at least not opportunities that have peaked my interest. A couple of hours after I posted that entry I received an email from a company that I had applied to a while back. They wanted to schedule an interview. That interview was this morning.

I thought that the interview went well. It’s a small company, but I worked at a small company before. The work is exactly what I’m looking for. It’s a php/MySQL specialist type position. Obviously since it’s a small company, there would be work in other areas as well, but it would be focused in php and MySQL development. The person who conducted the interview said that he was impressed with my skills, especially since I never went to school for web development.

The only down side to the situation is that they’re not entirely certain yet that they are going to fill the position. He said that he needs to assess their workload to see if they can justify the position. He said that he should know by the middle of November (that would be a good birthday present 😀 ), and if they decided to fill the position, they would do so before the end of November.

So I guess that means that I’m still in a holding pattern. I’m still looking for opportunities in the area. But at least there’s a possibility out there … there’s still hope that I won’t have to leave the area. :crossfingers: