I can’t live without you

Yesterday morning I was charging my iPod, and my computer suddenly shut off. First I freaked. Then I freaked some more when it wouldn’t turn back on. My first thought was that it had gotten too hot or something, but it still wouldn’t turn on after it cooled down a bit (and it really wasn’t that hot to begin with). I then noticed that the light on the AC adaptor wasn’t on. I unplugged it and plugged it back in – the light came on. Then I plugged it into the computer – the light went off. WTF?!?!

I called Dell about 1pm to see if they would send out a tech. Luckily my warranty is still in effect. The phone tech said I need a new motherboard. That would be spendy without the warranty.

So … here I sit without a computer. All that I have to get online is my iPod Touch. The battery was almost dead, so I was freaking again. Then I decided to go buy a wall charger for the sucker. At least now I can check my gmail accounts and Twitter and Facebook. I can’t check my other emails tho since my passwords for those are on my laptop. They will be put in the iPod after my laptop is back up and running. But the job searching is on hold (links and passwords on laptop) as is freelance work.

I don’t think the Dell tech will be here ’til tomorrow. I was able to check the status of my service call, and Dell didn’t ship the parts ’til today (even tho I called yesterday). That tech had better come tomorrow. I’m not going without my laptop for the entire weekend.

On the plus side … I’ve gotten better at typing on this little on screen keyboard that the iPod Touch has. 🙂