Managed to make it through

Today was my first day at my new job. The job is perfect for me. It’s a php/MySQL “specialist”. My background is in php, and I have lots of experience with sql … mainly MSSQL in recent years, but I started out with MySQL. I actually ran across this position a little over a year ago after I was laid off. I applied for it then, but they didn’t hire anyone for the position. I found it again after my contract was cut [3 months] short. They eventually had me come in and interview twice and offered me the position.

I’ve been a little nervous to start the position. I haven’t worked with php very much since I was laid off a year ago. I’ve done a little with it at home, but the 2 contract positions that I had were basically html/css positions. I actually got to start a little bit today. I didn’t get very far because the dev environment on my computer isn’t fully set up yet. It is so nice to get back to php development.

The company is small, but the people are really nice. I don’t feel like a complete misfit. LOL Hopefully everything will work out in the end. I’ve got a good feeling about things. 🙂

And a bonus … the office is right next to a mini-strip mall [I don’t know if you can even call it that since it only has 3 businesses in it] that has a coffee shop at one end, a Subway at the other end, and a liquor store in the middle. So I can get a coffee before work, a sub for lunch, and some booze on my way home from work. 😆