Dear Santa – UPDATED

It’s that time of year again. The calendar has turned to December, and there is snow in the forecast (ewwwwww). I’m not even remotely ready for Christmas this year. I haven’t even decided what baked goodies I’m going to make this year let alone buy the ingredients I need for them. I’d better get my butt in gear. I need to make sure I have some cookies and tassies and chocolate covered cherries to leave out for you.

This past year has been trying. I lost my job last October but then found 2 short term contract jobs. The short term-ness and uncertainty really wore on me. But I found a full time, permanent job a month ago (so thanks for that early Christmas present. 🙂 ) I’m hoping that the tide has turned and things will start going “up” for me rather than how they have been.

I thought that I should get you a list of things that I wouldn’t mind getting under the Christmas tree this year. These are just suggestions. I don’t expect to get everything on my list. It would be nice to get one or two things though. :biggrin:

You should be able to find something doable on that list. As you can see, I put the cowboy back on the list this year after leaving him off last year. There aren’t any country bars left in Fargo, so if I’m gonna get a cowboy, it’ll have to be from you. :bateyes:

Watch out for birds on your journey around the globe this year. I’d hate to hear that you crashed after hitting a stray snow goose or something. I’m too old to stay up and wait for you … I need my sleep. But I’ll leave out some baked goodies (if I ever get my ass moving and make ’em). Tell Mrs. Claus I say “hi”.


P.S. I just thought of a few more items for my list:

  • office toys for my new desk at work [or my desk at home]
  • programming books [on subjects like: CodeIgniter, php, MySQL, jQuery]
  • pictures for my bare walls [both in the living room and the bedroom]
  • LCD computer monitor (preferably larger than 19″ and widescreen)