I have a plan

It seems like that since I started working full time as a web developer/programmer, I have neglected my own websites. It has been really bad over the past few years. I don’t even blog very much any more. I’ve basically been doing all of my ranting and raving on Twitter and Facebook and haven’t been giving my own websites any attention. I spend 8 hours (or 9 hours this summer) working on other people’s websites and don’t really wanna work on mine when I get home.

I’m trying to change that. I’ve deactivated my Facebook account, and I’m taking a break from Twitter for a while. I know I’ll eventually go back to Twitter, but as for Facebook, I’m not sure. I might reactivate my account and I might delete it completely … I just don’t know yet. Since I’m taking a break from social media, I’ll have more time on my hands, and I plan to use that time on my websites.

Tonite I put together a list of things that I want to do. They are (roughly in order that I want to accomplish them):

  • Clean up the files I have on the server with my web host (get rid of stuff I’m no longer using).
  • Clean up my database (again, get rid of stuff I’m no longer using).
  • Decide what I want to do with the subdomains that I have set up (keep, redirect, or remove).
  • Clean up my email accounts and forwarders (again, get rid of stuff I’m no longer using).
  • Redesign the layout for this website.
  • Start this site over from scratch in WP3 and import the posts and comments I have to this point.
  • Possibly redesign the layout for my professional website.
  • Start my professional website over from scratch using CodeIgniter.
  • Do further development on the weather script I wrote a few years back.
  • Possibly write a WP plugin based on my weather script (once I complete it).
  • Blog more about the stuff that I’ve been doing at work with CodeIgniter.

That list should keep me busy for a while. LOL Now I just need to get myself to turn off the tv so I don’t have any distractions.

Wish me luck.