Mock me? Mock you.

As I said in my last post, I’m spending some time working on my own websites for the first time in a long while. I admit, I’m not moving as fast as I’d like, but at least I’m doing something.

I thought the best place to start was to mock up the new layout so I could figure out what I wanted to do before I started any coding. I’ve been doing that at work when starting new projects, and it really helps when it comes time to put fingers to keyboard and code my heart out. We had been using Mockingbird at work for wireframing, but they’re moving to a paid system in a little over a week. It’s not that we weren’t willing to pay for a service, we just weren’t happy with the plans that they came up with. My co-worker and I were both looking around for some alternatives. I ran across MockFlow. It looked like a really nice product. And their pricing wasn’t all that bad. And best of all, they have a desktop app that allows you to work offline if needed. I signed up for the free basic account to test it out. I also signed up for one at home so I could mock up the changes to this site. I really like how easy it is to create a mockup. They’ve got so many objects that you can drag onto your layout, and they’ve got a store where you can download components that other people have created. I’m definitely liking it (and I think we’re gonna start using it at work).

I’m not done with it yet, but here’s a sneak peek at what I’m thinking of doing for the layout for this place …

blog mockup

I’ve got a ways to go, but at least it’s a start. I hope to finish the wireframe up tomorrow so that I can start developing my own custom theme. I want to get it done ‘cuz I’ve got plans for my professional website. I’m gonna play with CodeIgniter on that one. :biggrin:

[Okay … I know the title of this post is lame, but I’m still stuffed from the zeppoli I had for dessert at Olive Garden tonite. Bite me. :razz2: ]