Can’t we ease into this?

I’ve lived here for 35 years … you’d think I’d be used to it by now. But I’m not. When it comes to winter, I’d be happy if it snowed on Christmas Eve and melted on the 26th. Hell … at least ease us into it. It started snowing on Saturday, but it was just flurries. Give us a few weeks of that before dumping feet on us.

But no … we have to get a foot or more of snow in the first storm of the season. What the hell? At least it was light and fluffy and easy to drive through. Especially since my car was surrounded by the crap by the time I left work. It sure was fun to brush all that snow off … standing in drifts damn near up to my knees. </sarcasm> But I made it home safe and sound. My car did good for its first outing in winter conditions (since I bought it).

It wouldn’t be so bad if there wasn’t another storm headed our way later this week … just in time for Thanksgiving. They’re saying that driving conditions are going to be pretty sketchy. Just great. I didn’t make it home for Christmas last year, and now I won’t make it home for Thanksgiving this year.

I was looking forward to turkey and ham (and leftovers). I was even gonna attempt to make my own stuffing this year. I’ve been wanting to the past couple years but just haven’t done it. Now it looks like I’m gonna be stuck here in Fargo.

I did buy a turkey tonite. I already had the ingredients for the stuffing and a pumpkin pie (and Cool Whip) in the freezer and spuds in the pantry/closet and apple cider in the fridge. I bought the ingredients for scalloped corn tonite and some lefse. I’ve got some summer sausage and cheese and crackers for munching too. At least I won’t go hungry … assuming I don’t kill the turkey.

I did mention to Robin that if she’s stuck in town too, maybe we could get together and have our own Thanksgiving. It would be nice to not be alone for the holiday. It all depends on the weather and travel conditions in the direction that she’s planning on heading.

I’m hoping that by Thanksgiving of next year, I’ll be having Thanksgiving in my own house. It just depends on how long it takes me to find a house in my budget. I plan to start looking in the spring.