Are you there Santa? It’s me Becky.

You know Santa … people keep telling me that you don’t exist. That I’m 35 years old now, and I need to grow up. Well, you know what? They can kiss my ass. :razz2: If I wanna believe in Santa, then I’m damn well gonna believe in Santa.

So … what’s up with you Santa? How are things up at the ol’ N. Pole? Are the elves behaving, and is Mrs. Claus fattening you up for your yearly journey? It’s already cold down here, so I imagine it’s cold up there too. You’d better dress warmly for your trip.

There … that’s out of the way. Now let’s get down to business. :biggrin:

Actually, before I get into my list for this year, I have one thing that you must do for me. I’m not asking … I’m begging. PLEASE let the weather be decent for Christmas this year. I didn’t make it home for Christmas last year because of the weather. I didn’t make it home for Thanksgiving this year. I would like to spend the holiday with my family. Can you please talk with Mother Nature to see that happens. Thanks.

Now for the nitty gritty. A lot of the stuff I had on my list last year are still valid. I’ll include them and the new stuff so you don’t have to go searching for my list from last year (just helping you out there big guy). Hopefully you can find something on the list that fits the bill. Things are in no particular order. I’ve included links to some items on Amazon so you can get an idea of what each thing is (it’s just for reference).