Wrong time of year

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m trying to eat healthy … or at least eat normal meals. I’ve been eating so shitty for so long … it’s not good. And I love to cook. I just don’t have the energy/motivation/inspiration to cook anything. Partly because I live alone and partly because I have no idea what the hell to buy when I’m at the grocery store.

I decided last nite to try to come up with some meal options and then base my grocery list off of that. I came up with a few quick/easy things. I need to do some research online to get some inspiration. But what I did have actually had me putting quite a few fruits & veggies on my grocery list.

I just got back from the grocery store a little bit ago. Even with my list based off my meal options, I still felt exasperated. They were completely out of green bell peppers, and the zucchini looked like shit. I’m not gonna pay $1.77/lb for zucchini that’s all scratched and bruised up. And everything else in the produce section just seemed so damn expensive. I guess that’s the price I pay for living in North Dakota. It’s kinda hard to grow anything in the dead of winter around here. LOL

I did end up buying some apples and lettuce, but that was basically all I got in the produce section. Such a disapointment  considering all of the stuff I had on my list for that section of the store.

It really frustrates me. There are times I feel like breaking into tears while I’m still shopping … both the produce and meat sections do that to me. The only meat that I bought was frozen chicken breast (‘cuz it was on sale). I was gonna get some beef for stir fry, but without veggies … what’s the point.

I think I need to start hitting up the other grocery stores in town to see what kind of produce sections they have. I usually go to CashWise ‘cuz it’s so close to home. But there’s a Sunmart by work, and Hornbachers isn’t that far away really.

Now if only I could win the lottery so I could buy a house. I’d find one with enough of a lot that I could build a greenhouse so I could grow my own produce all year round. I guess that means I should start buying lottery tickets on a regular basis.  :doh: