New Toy

My new fitness "toy"

Ok … it’s not really a toy. It’s a tool. (And a bonus … it’s got a Biggest Loser game that came w/ it.)

I mentioned last week that I was embarking on a new journey … a journey to get healthy and happy. I’ve gotten off to a rough start. I’ve only worked out that first day. Oops. I have been trying to eat better, or at least smaller portions. I’m a work in progress.

I figured that if I’m gonna spend $100 on this thing, it damn well better motivate me. Now … I don’t expect to lose a ton of weight using only this thing. It’s only part of the plan. The rest will be my elliptical machine, Walk Away the Pounds dvd, and the EA Sports Active game I already have (it’s compatible w/ the Wii Fit board). Once the snow melts (if it ever does), I’ll start walking outside too (when the weather is nice).

I’m also working on setting up another blog specifically to track my workouts and weigh-ins. That’s gonna take a little more time to set up ‘cuz I’m planning on setting up some custom post types (WordPress geekery stuff) for a couple things. Hopefully that will keep me honest and keep me going.