Where’s the excitement?

Nothing really exciting has been going on with my work life. Yeah, I built my own custom CMS network that I think is pretty bad ass, but it’s just sitting there. No one has had time to work up a marketing plan for it (since it’s an internal project), so it isn’t being sold. I’m proud of myself for building it, but it isn’t doing anything but taking up space at the moment.

I’ve been working on this CMS for what feels like forever now. I haven’t had a big client project for so long now. Yeah, I’ve had client work here and there, but it’s all been small stuff that was done in less than a day (some in mere hours). I want some client stuff to work on. I want a new challenge. I want something to look forward to when I come to work.

As for my personal life … forget it. What personal life? There’s nothing going on there. I don’t go out very often, so how the hell am I supposed to meet a guy? And even when I do go out, I’m hiding in the corner, so no guys ever even see me.

I am looking for a house, but there hasn’t been a new listing in quite a while … at least in my price range and preferred areas. Robin overheard her neighbors talking about possibly selling their house (one wants to but the other doesn’t). They even put in hardwood floors in the downstairs recently. But who knows if they actually will sell. And who knows what they’ll want for their house or what condition it will be in.

I need something to look forward to. I need something in my life to get excited about. I need something to pull me out of this damn funk … it’s getting really old.