Category: Development

Getting Started with Laravel 5

A little over a year ago, I decided that I wanted to learn Laravel. I had seen quite a few tweets about the framework and it piqued my interest.  I spoke with my boss, and he was okay with me learning Laravel in my down time so that I could rewrite our custom CMS package … Continue Reading

Welcome Back

This place has needed a facelift for quite some time now. I had planned on creating a new theme after WordPress 3.0 was released. Well, WordPress is now at version 4.3.1, and 4.4 is probably just around the corner. I guess I’m just a little bit behind my intended timeline. In addition to the design, the content … Continue Reading

Getting Started with Git

I recently had to help a couple co-workers set up Git on their computers so they can work with the various repositories that I’ve set up and so they can set up repositories of their own for projects that they work on. Since I had to put together some documentation for them, I thought I … Continue Reading

Hazards of being a web programmer

I have been meaning to completely re-do this place since WordPress 3.0 came out. The current version is 3.4.2, and I *still* haven’t managed to get this place redeveloped. Oops. I work on other people’s websites all day at work. I get ideas for my own sites (this one and my professional site) from time … Continue Reading


I recently got an opportunity to venture into mobile application development at work.  I had 2 months to develop an Android app for a client. During those 2 months, I had to build a website to manage the data that would be pulled into the app, an API to get the data from the website … Continue Reading