Ripping the nite away

I’m busy tonite ripping a bunch of CDs that I decided I wanted on my mp3 player. I’ve got about 15 country CDs and 11 non-country CDs (rock/pop/alternative). So I’ve got my work cut out for me. I’m afraid that after I’ve ripped all this stuff and start transferring it to my player that I’ll have more than will fit (since the player is just a 2 GB player). If that is the case, then I’ll just have to rotate what I’ve got on it.

So my nite will involve: ripping CDs, watching the Bud Shootout, drinking Bud Light :drink_beer:, possibly eating Doritos. Gonna be a good nite … at least I think so. Any day/nite that involves watching NASCAR is a good one. :G-LOL:


  1. 26 cds to rip? That’s a piece of cake. I think I ripped 500 or so cds when I first got my iPod. I was using three computers ripping three at a time for a long ass time. Now I have 905 of my cds in my iTunes. Yeah, I got a ton of music 50 GB worth.

  2. I’m just starting with these. If I still have room on the player, then I’ll be ripping some more. I’m just grabbing my favorites for now. I already have some on my computer that I’ll be putting on too.

  3. I was going to exclaim “Only 26 cds! I’ve got over 200 that I want to get through!”. But then I saw your comment to Mace. Well, enjoy the mp3 player. You’ll begin to wonder why you didn’t get one earlier. 🙂

  4. Oh … don’t worry. I own more than 26 CDs. I don’t know the exact count. But I have 3 CD cases that hold 100 each … 2 are full of country and the 3rd is at least 3/4 full of non-country. So, I’m guessing I’ve got anywhere between 250 and 275 CDs. My computer wouldn’t hold all that music if I were to rip ’em all. Maybe once I save up enough to get the laptop I want, I can turn my desktop into a music only machine. 😀

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