FOX has their head up their *bleep*


This weekend is the first nite of the 2008 NASCAR season. I was excited. I love nite racing. But the nite started off on a bad note. First, FOX decided to start the pre-race before it was even scheduled to come on. And then, they leave the broadcast right before the race was supposed to start to go back to the baseball game that had been under a rain delay.

I understand that the baseball fans wanted to see the completion of the game. But FOX royally screwed up. They were showing the baseball game on both FX and FOX. WTF?!?! I can understand showing the baseball game on one and the NASCAR race on the other. But to show the baseball game on both. What the hell were they thinking??

The baseball fans were able to watch their game on 2 DIFFERENT CHANNELS while we NASCAR fans missed the National Anthem (and Emerson Drive sang it this week 😥 ), the command to start engines, and the green flag. Yeah, FOX did switch back to the race, but not until AFTER the green flag.

I was so pissed off that I actually called our local FOX affiliate. I was surprised when someone actually answered. I asked why the race wasn’t on. I told him that the baseball game was on FX and FOX. He didn’t know that. He had no clue why the race wasn’t on. Apparently it was all the national FOX affiliate’s decision. I wonder if other people called in as well. There was a ticker scrolling across the screen saying that it was the national affiliate that made the decision to not show the race. I found that funny. That was either because of me or because of me and the other unhappy fans.

I also sent an email to FOX. I know that it won’t do any good. I doubt anyone will actually read it. But there’s always a chance. And I know there are several other fans who sent emails as well (according to a message board I’m on). Maybe they’ll finally get their heads out of their arses and actually make some changes. But I doubt it. This is the email I sent them …

I am completely baffled by the programming decisions that were made tonight, Saturday April 12th. I understand that the baseball game was delayed due to rain. But did you really have to air the baseball game when it came back on on both FOX and FX. Especially when the NASCAR race was due to begin. I understand that there are baseball fans that wanted to see the game. But there are NASCAR fans who wanted to see the race. And with the baseball game on FX, why air it on FOX as well? That is completely asinine. The baseball fans had the option of watching the game on FX. NASCAR fans had NO OPTION. We missed the National Anthem and the command to start engines, not to mention the green flag. Yeah, you switched over, but you missed the green flag.

And don’t think I’m the only person who is upset by this. I am seeing unhappy people all over the internet. You made a very bad decision tonight. I just don’t understand what you were thinking.

Becky R

Okay … I’m gonna get down off of my soapbox now. Time to go pay attention to the race. If FOX decides to break into the commercials with race coverage that is. :banghead:


  1. My husband is a race fan too so it was kind of nice that he thought it wasn’t playing, turned off the tv and actually took me out.

    Never tell him that it came on later, k?

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