I won’t be home for Christmas

I had made plans to leave work today at 3pm, come home and finish packing, load up my car, fill up with gas, and head down to Mom & Dad’s for Christmas. I was hoping we’d make a trip to Wahpeton on Christmas Day or Saturday to see my Grandma. It’s only an hour drive, and I don’t think it would have taken more than 45 min to finish packing and load my car so I could head out of town. It’s now almost 5:30pm. I left work about 1½ hours ago. So … where am I? I’m sitting in front of my computer at my desk in my living room in my apartment in Fargo. Needless to say, my holiday plans fell through.

“Why” you ask? Well …

Christmas 2009 BlizzardThe Christmas 2009 winter storm will continue to impact the area through Saturday morning. For the remainder of Christmas Eve…there will be periods of light snow. Snow rates will increase from late tonight through early Saturday morning…and north winds will increase to 25 to 35 mph…causing considerable blowing and drifting snow with blizzard conditions. Widespread whiteouts can be expected across much of Eastern North Dakota into adjacent Minnesota counties. Travel Christmas Day will be extremely hazardous. The map represents additional snowfall accumulation expected from noontime Christmas Eve through midday Saturday. On Saturday…the snow will wind down slowly but winds will still be high and visibility poor. Sunday will be better with no snow in the forecast and winds diminishing. Please stay tuned for further updates.

As you can see, Mother Nature had other ideas. Well, her Christmas present is going back. LOL

We got about 6 inches of snow overnite here in Fargo. It didn’t snow all that much during the day, and it wasn’t all that windy. I did consider leaving work early to head to Mom & Dad’s before it started snowing again. I obviously decided against going. The road reports for my route home was “snow covered” then “continuous ice/compacted snow” then “scattered ice frost” and back to “continuous ice/compacted snow”. I decided to use my better judgement and stay in Fargo. If the roads are travelable on Sunday, I’ll head to Mom & Dad’s (unless they decide to come up to Fargo). And if the roads are still shitty, there’s always next weekend.

Robin ended up staying in Fargo too. If the roads in town are passable, maybe I’ll venture over to her place to hang out. Otherwise I don’t know what I’ll do. I plan on making some chili cheese dip tonite to munch on (I was going to make it and take it to Mom & Dad’s). I bought the ingredients yesterday to make lasagna. I might make that tonite so I can pop it in the oven tomorrow for dinner (with leftovers for supper). And I have beer in the fridge and vanilla vodka chilled out in the freezer.

It definitely sucks being stuck here in Fargo (alone) for Christmas. It’s the first time that I haven’t made it home for Christmas. But I’d rather be stuck here than in some ditch or worse. I guess the Christmas presents and baked goodies will just have to wait. I just wish Mom hadn’t said that she had some krumkaka for me (I love those). Maybe I can hitch a ride with Santa. 😉


  1. Weird to spend Christmas alone – we just moved to Tennessee and left our (adult) kids behind in California (they had the option to join us, but chose to stay there – they have lives! lol) So we are kinda in the same boat as you are. It’s our first Christmas without our kids. Merry Christmas, Becky! Doesn’t really matter when you celebrate it 😀

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