Should I wait?

I’ve been waiting to upgrade my cell phone since the end of March. I currently have an LG eV2 on the Verizon network. I wanted to upgrade to a smart phone with internet access. The phone at the top of my list was the Motorola Droid. The Android operating system looks really sweet.

The main reason I was waiting was because getting the phone would require me to get a data plan of at least $30/month. I wasn’t sure I could afford it since I was planning on buying a car, and I was close to being eligible for health insurance (so that would be taken out of my paycheck).

I bought my car toward the end of April and made my first car payment this month. We switched to a new insurance company at work with a cheaper premium. After working the numbers, it’s clear that I’ll easily be able to cover the data plan.

My intention was to order the Droid today. I usually get my phones online with Verizon because it ends up being cheaper than getting one in the store. I get a $50 discount for the New Every Two program, and there is a $100 online discount. The discounts brought the price of the Droid down to $149.99. That is until today. I was on the site looking at phones one last time before buying one, and the site was running ungodly slow. I couldn’t even load up the pages for the Droid or the Droid Incredible. Needless to say, I was getting pissed. I tried again about 10-15 minutes later and things were running like normal. So I pulled up the phones and looked at things. Then I took a look at the price for the Droid. It was down to $99.99. I was confused for a bit until Twitter and a Google search confirmed that Verizon dropped the price on the Droid today. I’m sure glad I didn’t order it earlier today or last nite.

Then @stevedrees told me the Droid 2 is rumored to come out next month. I had seen a couple articles earlier today about the Droid 2, but none mentioned a release date. The pictures in those articles showed a keyboard that caught my eye. It looks a lot nicer that the Droid’s keyboard (which I don’t really like). The articles didn’t really have a whole lot of additional info other than pretty much saying the Droid 2 is just the next generation Droid.

Now I’m torn. I want a new phone now, and I’ve decided on the Droid. But I’ve already waited a little over 2 months since I became eligible for an upgrade … what’s another month. But when the Droid 2 comes out, it’s gonna cost more than what the Droid dropped to today. But how much more? I don’t know what to do.

If you were in my situation, what would you do? Would you wait for the Droid 2, which has an unknown release date but is rumored to be released next month, or would you get the Droid right now?


  1. I would wait for the Droid 2, and here are my reasons.
    I currently have a Motorola Droid and the touch screen is not the best screen in the world (which we don’t actually know if the Droid 2 is gonna fix) as we see in this test here

    the second reason is speed, the Droid is sluggish, not unusably slow, just slow enough to be annoying, we know the Droid 2 is going to fix this probably with a 1Ghz chip vs a 550Mhz in the current version.
    also the Droid 2 is quit a bit slimmer than the first version, hopefully without sacrificing battery life.
    along with a better 8MP vs 5MP Camera and 720p video recording.
    the buttons along the bottom are actual button vs touch buttons on the current version which I actually kinda like.
    latest pictures of the supposed Droid 2 aka Droid X

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