Completely Unacceptable

I woke up this morning to hear Froggy talking about CableOne telling people that they need to give them money to cover equipment lost in the fire. Are you fucking kidding me?

Back story: If you live in the Fargo/Moorhead area, you know the fire I’m talking about. For those of you who don’t: there was a massive fire at the Galleria on 42nd apartments on Monday nite. It started at ground level (they believe by someone grilling but I don’t know if they’ve confirmed that yet or not) and traveled up the building to the roof. It’s a U-shaped complex w/ about 62 units (I think that was the number I heard). There were 150 or more people (and pets) living in the buildings.

Now CableOne is telling those people who lived in the complex who already lost everything (or almost everything) that they need to pay for the equipment they had from them. Apparently CableOne doesn’t care about the cable boxes or cable modems, but the dvrs … those are worth $500 and they want their money. Forget that those people LOST EVERYTHING, CableOne wants money for their precious dvr boxes.

Freakin’ incredible.

I live in an apartment myself. I have since I moved to Fargo in 1999. My current apartment has me on the 3rd floor. If a fire like the Galleria apt fire happened in my building, I’d lose everything. If the fire moved up to the roof … that’s where I am. I can guarantee you that I wouldn’t give a flying fuck about CableOne’s precious dvr box. If I lost my clothes and tv and computer and pictures and everything else, CableOne would be the LAST thing on my mind.

I do have cable and internet through CableOne, but that’s really only because there are no other options. I don’t want a satellite, and I prefer getting my cable and internet through the same company. Midco has moved into Moorhead and West Fargo. I can guarantee you that if they moved into Fargo, I would switch. And this was how I felt before the most recent events.

One of the articles I read had CableOne saying people needed to submit a claim to their renter’s insurance if they had it. Most in Galleria didn’t (from what I read). I do have renter’s insurance, but there’s no way in hell I’d submit a claim for a fucking dvr owned by CableOne. Shouldn’t CableOne have their own insurance for cases like this?

It really is an outrage. CableOne has a monopoly in Fargo, and now they’re telling people who lost everything that they need to cough up more money to cover the equipment that was damaged by a fire that wasn’t their faults. CableOne really does want to end up belly up in this town, don’t they? With how they treat customers, they will once any sort of competition moves into town.


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