So … the iPhone is coming to Verizon

Big whoop. I’m gonna stick w/ my Droid 2. :razz2:

I had an iPod Touch, which is basically an iPhone w/o the actual “phone” part. I liked it while I had it. I basically used it for the music player, but I did have some apps on it that I used on a regular basis. I say had because I sold it just before Christmas. I got $150 for it, which covered the cost of my Droid 2.

My biggest beef w/ the iPhone/iPod Touch is the fact that it doesn’t have an actual physical keyboard. I was never able to type very fast w/ the onscreen keyboard.

I got my Droid 2 in August of last year. I pretty much love it. Yeah … I do have some issues w/ some things (like the crapware that Verizon put on it that starts up all by itself even though I never use it, and when entering symbols, the cursor backs up a space), but they’re things I can live with. They’re not deal breakers.

Plus … w/ my Droid 2, I can take the battery off & replace it. I can get a bigger media card and put more stuff on it without having to get a new phone. I can’t do that w/ an iPhone. If I get the 16GB version, I’m stuck w/ it. Whereas w/ my Droid 2, it has 8 GB internal memory and came w/ an 8GB media card. One of the first things I did was replace the 8GB card w/ a 16GB card. If I need/want more space, I just need to get a bigger card (up to the limit, which I believe is 32GB, but I could be wrong on that). If I got a 16GB iPhone and found out I needed more space, I’d be screwed unless I wanted to pony up the cash to get a new 32GB phone. Talk about ridiculous.

So … you can keep your iPhone. I’ll stick w/ my Droid 2.

Even if Apple added a physical keyboard, removable battery, and removable media cards, I’d still stick w/ my Droid 2. :pbbt: