I don’t know how to breathe

This morning, I got up at 5am (well, actually 5:09am … I hit the snooze button once) and got on my elliptical. I lasted 20 min and went 1.25 miles. My legs/body would have been able to go farther, but I could have died if I had tried … literally.

I apparently don’t know how to breathe when I exercise. I had to get off the elliptical twice and walk around my apartment to try to get my breathing and heart rate under control.

I tried to concentrate on my breathing while I was on the elliptical, but I just couldn’t do it. Hopefully it’s only because I’m so damn out of shape. Hopefully after a while I’ll get it under control and be able to last longer. I think my body could have handled at least 10 more minutes if I didn’t come close to hyperventilating.

Maybe I should do more of the yoga that’s on the Wii Fit. Will that help me get my breathing under control?


  1. you made a good start this morning by getting up and starting your new challenge..Keep it up girl right here behind you and hoping you keep it going. Remember you can’t do it all in one day..

  2. Slow down!!! That is what is doing it!! Slow an Steady wins the prize!! Keep up the good work too:)

    1. I wasn’t even going that fast … maybe a moderate pace. If I would have slowed down, I could have just as well gotten off the damn thing. :p LOL

      I did speed up at one point, but that was after my initial “walk around”, and I didn’t stay at that pace for long. I’m not stupid (just lazy). I’m not gonna kill myself when I just start out. But I have to push myself at least a little.

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