Random Thoughts for Today

I had eggs for breakfast. Yeah … they were Reese’s peanut butter eggs … so what. :pbbt:


Why is it that I feel bad that I’m taking a full hour for my lunch break (when I stay at the office)? I’m entitled to it. Yeah, the deadline for a project I have a lot of work left on is coming up quick, but that doesn’t mean I should kill myself trying to get things done. I worked almost 5 hours on the project at home on Saturday (even declined going out Sat nite because I was working). And I’ll probably be working on it more this coming weekend. I get paid salary, so I don’t get any overtime for all the extra work I’m putting in. But I’m doing it because I hate missing deadlines, and I want this project to be kick ass awesome.


And why do I always feel bad when I leave work right at 5pm. I get to the office around 7:30am, so it’s not like I’m not here my full 8 hours. If I’m in the middle of something, I finish it up before I leave. Yet I still feel like shit walking out before everyone else does.


When will I stop being so damn hard on myself (see previous 2 thoughts)? Is it any wonder that I’m not happy? I’m my own worst freakin’ enemy. Didn’t I get enough of that shit in high school (from my asshole [not all, just a select asshole few] classmates)?


What the fuck gas station owners? Seriously?

Yesterday at 5pm:
Petro Serve USA (formerly Stamart): $3.44/gal
Little Duke’s: $3.44/gal

This morning at 7:30am:
Petro Serve: $3.31/gal
Little Duke’s: $3.31/gal

Tonite at 5pm:
Petro Serve: $3.44/gal
Little Duke’s: $3.39/gal

Make up your damn mind already.


  1. OK you seriously need some Rodeo fun!!! BRING ON THE COWBOYS!!! If you want something to do this weekend I am going walking at the Veterans Memeomrial Arena–they have a track there for walking and its free, if you wanna go text me!! They are only open certain times!!!

    Keep your chin up!!

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