I Need a REAL Vacation

And by real vacation I mean packing my bag(s) and leaving town … leaving the state of ND.

I haven’t gone on a real vacation since I went to visit Melissa in Kansas in the summer of 2002. I drove down there (looooong drive in a car all by yourself). She was living on the base at Fort Leavenworth at the time. I had a blast hanging out with her (and all the cute military boys >:) ). I even got to see the racetrack in Kansas City. Yeah … it was from about a mile or so away (there were Truck and Indy races that weekend so we couldn’t get closer), but at least I saw it.

I haven’t gone anywhere since … not even around the tri-state area. I’ve had vacation time, but I end up just staying home and not really doing anything. I think I need to change that this year.

I only have 4 days of vacation to use this year (or until November when my work year resets). I would have had 5, but I used one the day after Thanksgiving. I’d probably see if I could take a day of unpaid leave so that I could be gone for a full week (as long as we don’t have any big projects due).

But first … I have to figure out where to go … what to do. I have no idea. I don’t want to do anything by myself ‘cuz that’s no fun. Maybe I could talk Robin into taking vacation the same time as me and we could go somewhere. But where?

I do REALLY want to go to a NASCAR race, but which one? And how early to I need to start planning? And would that really be fun for anyone but me? I’m sure my sister would want to go, but I’m not gonna pay her way.

Any suggestions on where I could go … either by myself or with a friend? I honestly have no clue where to go or what to do. I just want to get away somewhere, have fun, and forget about life for a while. I’ve got some money in savings I could use (even though it’s earmarked for buying a house). But I don’t want to spend a fortune on gas or airline tickets.


  1. If I were you I would get with Leslie Eaton aka @laeaton she lives by the Michgan Track and goes to those races..It could be fun and you would both have something in common..

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