Can I pass this chance up?

Two of the items on my bucket list are to see a tornado with my own eyes and to go on a storm chasing vacation. I have been interested in the weather since I was in junior high. I love severe weather. I even went to college to pursue a degree in meteorology.

Today I found out that Reed Timmer & Joel Taylor from Storm Chaser are going to be in Hillsboro on Sunday.

“Storm Chasers” show stars to stop in Hillsboro

Reed Timmer and Joel Taylor from Discovery Channel’s show, “Storm Chasers” discuss their work Sunday at the Hillsboro Events Center.

The duo will bring “Dominator,” the Tornado Intercept Vehicle, with them.

The event is sponsored by the Hillsboro Students Against Drunk Driving Chapter.

Doors open at 1:30 p.m. with the presentation starting at 3 p.m. Tickets available at the door for $10.


I asked my sister if she wanted to go. I know she watches the show. She doesn’t wanna go … brat. I really wanna go. I don’t want to go by myself, but I don’t know of anyone who would want to go with me.

But do I really wanna pass up this opportunity? It’s not like I’m gonna see a tornado or anything … this is North Dakota and it is March and there is snow on the ground.

But they are gonna have the Dominator there. And I’m sure they will have stories to tell. I just don’t think I can pass this up.


  1. Ask around your office there might be someone else interested in weather and they have never expressed it at work..You never know!! I would go no matter what..I went to storm chasing class last weekend to become a storm chaser.. they may offer one of those in your area also

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