All it takes is that first step

I went on my first walk tonite. I was sitting around my apartment around 7pm bored out of my mind. It was either sit and stare mindlessly at my computer screen, go to bed early (waaaaaay early), or go for a walk. Surprisingly, I picked the last option.

So I quickly shaved my legs (ewww I know … deal w/ it), put on some walking clothes & shoes, grabbed my phone and set out.

I have an app on my phone that I downloaded a while back, Cardio Trainer Pro … I managed to snag it when it was the free app of the day (it’s normally $10). This was the first time I got to try it out. It maps the path you take. It also talks to you. It was a little weird at first, but I ended up liking that. It gives you updates as to how far you’ve gone, how long you’ve been at it, and what speed your going. It was definitely a motivational help.

I wasn’t sure how far I’d go or how long I’d be out. I figured that I’d just go and figure it out when I got to a couple key points. I live not that far from the Prairiewood Golf Course, so that’s where I headed. I walked around the south side ’til I got to my last critical turn. It was either head toward 17th Ave and back toward home or head all the way around the golf course. At the time, I actually felt pretty good, so I headed all the way around. It wasn’t until I got to the far side. I still felt fine but my feet on the other hand … apparently these new walking shoes I have aren’t the best walking shoes after all. The underside of my toes were killing me. But I pushed on. I couldn’t walk as fast as I wanted to ‘cuz my feet kept slipping in the shoes. They’re the right size, but apparently just slippery on the inside.

I thought for sure that when I got home my socks would be covered in blood. But they weren’t. My feet are still killing me … and now my left knee is getting in on the action (which isn’t surprising since it’s been bugging me since yesterday … it felt ok before I left tho). But other than that, I surprisingly feel fine. I feel like I could have gone even longer (if my feet and knee would have cooperated).

I just hope I didn’t overdo it tonite. I wanna keep doing this as long as the weather is decent. When it’s not, I’ve got my elliptical, my Wii Fit, and my Walk Away the Pounds dvd set. I have no excuse now. I started … I need to keep going. I wanna be a skinny bitch. 😀

Here are the stats from this walk:

Total Time: 1:05:36
Distance: 3.8 miles
Average Speed: 3.5 mph
Calories Burned: 386

It turns out that you can save your data online. Here is tonite’s track


  1. Just got out of the shower and took a look at my feet. It is as I feared … I have a big blister on the 2nd toe (from the big one) on my right foot. That’s the one that was bugging me. Dammit. Not sure I’m gonna be able to go for a walk tomorrow. Looks like I might have to dust off the elliptical (as long as *that* doesn’t bother my toe).

  2. It took me 6 months of running before I found socks that work well for me. Don’t be afraid to try out different options. I eventually settled on some new balance socks I found at Kohls, but I’ve got friends that swear by the injinji toe socks that you can find at some of the specialty sports stores.

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