Stressed Out

A few months ago I started on a new project at work … developing a mobile application for a client. They wanted both an Android app and an iOS app. I was happy to learn something new … something to put on my resume. Then I found out the timeline …

We decided to work on the Android app first (you need a Mac to work on iOS apps, and I didn’t have one and those who have Macs in the office aren’t programmers). The client was told that it would be done by the end of January. That gave me 2 months to get the Android app done along with a website for managing the data that the app displayed and an API to pull the data into the app. And did I mention that I had never developed an Android app before … never written a line of java?

I managed to get everything done before the deadline … 2 days early even. But I skipped out on “Team Reward Day” and put in I don’t know how much extra time (and I don’t get paid overtime). Only one person thanked me for skipping “Team Reward Day” to work on things.

A co-worker was going to start on the iOS app, but he ended up falling and breaking his kneecap and has been out of the office since. That meant that I was the one who would be working on the iOS app. A different co-worker pieced together an iMac and brought it in to the office … it’s now on my desk. I’ve been going through tutorials trying to figure out the basics for the past week or so … I’ve never written any iOS apps either.

I decided to check in with the team today to verify what versions of iOS we were going to support and if there was a deadline set yet for the app. I was told that the initial timeline for the project was to get both the Android app and the iOS app completed in 60-90 days. 2 to 3 months to develop 2 mobile applications when I’ve never written a line of code for either before. Are you frickin’ kidding me? Yeah, I do tend to pick up on things fairly quickly, but 2-3 months to write 2 mobile applications?!?! And both are native applications. And neither language is similar.

When I responded to the message about the timeline that the deadline to have the iOS app done by the end of this month (just over 2 weeks from now) was not possible, I felt like a failure … like an ass … like I was making excuses. My co-worker backed me up saying that the deadline wasn’t possible, but I still felt like a failure. I feel like I’m waiting for someone to yell at me for not working fast enough.

I only have 2 hands … and I don’t get paid overtime. And I’m still making around $2000 less per year than I was at my last full time programming job (in 2008) … and I’m doing more now than I did then.

I’m overwhelmed … I’m stressed out … and I can’t stop feeling like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Some “Fresh Start” I’ve got going, huh? 🙁


  1. There are a lot of open positions in the area. Dust off the resume and get it out there, you might be surprised what you can find. You’ve shown that you can pick up new technologies and are committed to getting things done.

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