Bucket List Revisited

My birthday is one month from today. And it’s gonna be a big one. The big FOUR-OH. Oh HELL NO! I hate admitting that that’s how old I am, but it’s a fact (unfortunately).

As it did 2┬áyears ago, this milestone has me reflecting on my life. But instead of the negative, I’m trying to focus on the positive (‘cuz the negative is all I seem to focus on these days).

I’m going to be 40 … there I said it again. Yeah, that means I’m no longer a “spring chicken”, but that doesn’t mean my life is over. I’ve got a few more years left in me. ­čÖé I need to make the most of them.

I posted my bucket list back in 2010. I’ve knocked off 3 of the items, but I’ve got a few new ones to add. Here they are in no particular order.

  • see a NASCAR race in person
  • stand on pit road at a NASCAR race
  • meet Dale Earnhardt Jr
  • meet Martin Truex Jr
  • get married
  • have kids
  • visit Australia
  • dip my toes in the ocean
  • see a mountain
  • create some sort of web application that catches on all over the world, or at least here in town
  • fit into a pair of size 14 jeans again
  • see a tornado with my own eyes
  • see Brantley Gilbert in concert

That first one … I’m hoping to knock it off the list next year. Robin & I have been talking about going to the race in Las Vegas in March, and she’s serious about going this time. We just need to get our butts in gear and get the tickets and travel arrangements done. I think the package we’re looking at includes pit passes, which would knock off the 2nd item. And who knows … maybe I could knock off the 3rd and 4th items┬átoo … but that would be a long shot.

How many, if any, of the┬áitems I check off my list before I “kick the bucket” is anyone’s guess.