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No resolutions here

The start of the new year generally brings about people making resolutions about things they’re going to do or change in their lives. Well, I’m not making any resolutions this year. I never end up keeping them anyways. So why take the time to say “I resolve to …” when I know I won’t. Instead, … Continue Reading

Over the river and through the woods

Okay … who am I kidding. I live in North Dakota … there are no woods. Maybe some shelter belts or groves of trees, but no woods. I will be traveling over rivers … or one several times. And hopefully I’ll get to see Grandma. We usually go to visit her (along with others in … Continue Reading

Final tally

I finished up my Christmas baking/goodie making this afternoon. I was thinking about making another batch of peanut brittle, but I decided against it. I usually have extra anyways. Here’s the final tally of what I made: peanut butter cups: 8 dozen + 3 chocolate covered cherries: 8 dozen + 9 pecan tassies: 9 dozen … Continue Reading

Dear Santa

How are ya doin’ up there at the North Pole? Are the reindeer all ready for the trip? You better feed ’em lots of carbs so they’ll be ready for the journey. Either that or lots of energy drinks. LOL I thought I should get you my Christmas ‘wish list’ since it is getting kinda … Continue Reading

Back to the land of the working

I got an email from my contact at Volt on Wednesday nite that the company I had interviewed at twice was ready to extend an offer to me for the contract position with possible extension. She called me yesterday afternoon to fill me in on the details. I accepted. I start on Monday. Next week … Continue Reading

Place your orders

Since I’m still sitting on my backside waiting to find a job (I had a 2nd interview for one yesterday, and I’m hopeful), I haven’t really been in a “festive” mood. I did put up my Christmas tree this past weekend. But I’ve been putting off even thinking about baking Christmas goodies. That is until … Continue Reading

‘Tis the Season

View full image on flickr I put my Christmas tree up this afternoon. It actually looks pretty decent. I have a random assortment of ornaments on it. Some from my Godmother and others that I’ve bought or received as gifts from others. I think this is the last year for this configuration. I need to … Continue Reading

Bail ME out

I’m really getting sick of all of the “bailout” talk. First it was the banks and financial institutions, and now it’s the auto industry. I understand that there is some legitimate need for bailing those entities out in some fashion … but $700 billion dollars? If they’re already in so much trouble, how the hell … Continue Reading

Hope still exists

I had almost completely lost hope that I would be able to stay here in Fargo. Finding positions to apply for that don’t involve .NET is nearly impossible. I am waiting to hear from a company in Moorhead that I sent my resume to. They aren’t interviewing until December … and I’m not sure what … Continue Reading

The cold hard truth

I have come to a realization … If I want to keep working as a web programmer (and I DO), then I am going to need to move out of the Fargo area. I don’t like this one bit, but there really isn’t anything I can do. I’ve exhausted almost all of the opportunities out … Continue Reading