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It’s about time

Over New Year’s weekend, we had a storm. It wasn’t the normal kind of winter storm. Yeah, we did get some snow, but we got more rain than snow. There were some pretty good size puddles around town. But … since it’s January and this is North Dakota, it’s gonna get cold again and freeze … Continue Reading

Weekday plugin

When I first moved over to WordPress as a blogging platform in June 2004, I wasn’t able to find a way to get the date for my posts to display Today or Yesterday. I had been able to when I used MovableType. What I’m talking about is: If the post was posted today, it will … Continue Reading

Baby Steps

I didn’t make any grand resolutions this year. I never end up keeping any of them. Who does? Someone with more tenacity that me … LOL. But I AM taking steps to improve myself … body, mind, and spirit. Nothing big … ‘cuz I’d be liable to go back 2 steps for he 1 big … Continue Reading


Hey there. How ya doin’? Thanks for stoppin’ by my new place. While this IS a new blog, it’s not my first. I do have one on another domain, but I felt the need for a change. So I decided to start up this place. The first thing that I had to do was come … Continue Reading