Midwest PHP 2016 In the Rearview

This weekend was the 2016 Midwest PHP conference in Minneapolis. This was my second year attending the conference. One of the first things that I noticed was that there were a LOT more men in attendance than there were women. I wasn’t surprised, but I thought I would see more women there than I did. … Continue Reading

Deploying a Laravel Application

Back in October, I wrote about getting started with the Laravel (php) framework. In that post, I outlined how to set up a basic Laravel application. Once I had figured that out, I dove head first into rebuilding our custom content management system (CMS) using Laravel. I have successfully completed that task, along with 3 … Continue Reading

Always Learning

I’ve been a web developer/programmer “professionally” since 2004. I say professionally in quotes because that’s when I started getting paid to develop things. 🙂 I have no formal training in anything web related. I actually have a degree in meteorology. That’s where I got my first taste of building things for the web. In my … Continue Reading

Fitness Status Report: 2015 Year End

Now that we’ve moved from 2015 to 2016, I wanted share the progress in my “get healthy” movement (I need a better name LOL). I thought that if I post monthly updates, it would keep me honest, keep me going, and maybe find some support from anyone who reads the updates. At the end of April, … Continue Reading

Bitbucket & Composer

The next step in my Laravel self-education is building my own packages and figuring out how to pull them into a project, using Composer, when they are needed. We use private Bitbucket git repositories at work since our projects are for clients and not open source. Because of that, it is a little more tricky … Continue Reading

Dear Santa

Hey Santa. What’s up? Sorry I’m writing so late in the holiday season. I didn’t really have anything that I wanted to ask you for. I’m at a point where I can buy the fun toys that I want for myself (like my Fitbit and my Pioneer Woman dutch oven). But … if you have a little … Continue Reading

Git Tip: Exclude All But One Vendor Package

I am currently working on a project where I am pulling in several php packages via Composer. One of the packages doesn’t quite do everything I need it to. There have been a couple of pull requests that do what I need, but those pull requests haven’t been merged into the main package, and I’m … Continue Reading

Country Home

While I may be a high tech broad, I’m more comfortable with my redneck side. I love making websites, but I’m more at home listening to country music and watching NASCAR. When it comes to music, nothing is better than a live show. I’ve been to quite a few concerts over the past couple of years … Continue Reading

Feta & Pesto Chicken Rolls

I watch the Food Network a LOT. If I’m not watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory or Criminal Minds, I’m watching the Food Network. When I’m watching the Food Network, I’m most likely also searching for and pinning recipes on Pinterest. There are a few ingredients that I’ve been dying to try (thanks to being taunted by … Continue Reading