Becky’s got her groove back

Tomorrow will end my first week of work at my new job. Things have been going good and the people are nice. I don’t feel like an outsider like I have at other jobs. I’ve finished up one project and have started another. It feels soooooo good to be working with php again. For the … Continue Reading

Managed to make it through

Today was my first day at my new job. The job is perfect for me. It’s a php/MySQL “specialist”. My background is in php, and I have lots of experience with sql … mainly MSSQL in recent years, but I started out with MySQL. I actually ran across this position a little over a year … Continue Reading

I’m in ‘Dega … kinda

Last year I mentioned that I signed up to have my name on Dale Earnhardt Jr’s racecar in the race at Talladega. AMP decided to do the promotion again this year. Of course I had to sign up again. Last year my name was on the roof of the car. This year it’s on the … Continue Reading

Open letter to ESPN

RE: NASCAR race coverage To whom it may concern: We need to talk about the quality of your coverage of the Nationwide series and Sprint Cup series race broadcasts. I can sum the broadcasts up in one word: POOR. You really need to improve the quality of the broadcasts. You are managing to piss off … Continue Reading

Who makes these decisions?

If I don’t write this post, I think I am going to explode. I’ll give you a heads up saying that this is not going to be a happy post. LOL Anyone who knows me knows that I am a NASCAR fan. I don’t miss a race unless there is absolutely no way to watch … Continue Reading

How to stay sane while being unemployed

Every adult out there has been unemployed at some point or another in their life. Whether they just graduated from college and are looking for their first job in the “real” world or the troubled economy has caused their employer to make budget cuts, including eliminating their position. We’ve all been there. Hopefully the time … Continue Reading

Not a good start

I mentioned yesterday that I found out that my name is on Dale Earnhardt Jr’s car for this weekend’s race. I’m still giddy just thinking about it. But I hope I didn’t jinx Jr by my name being on the car. During the first practice today, he had engine issues, and they had to change … Continue Reading

I’m on the car!!

View full image on flickr Those of you who know me, know what a HUGE NASCAR fan I am. And anyone who knows me knows that I’m a HUGE Dale Earnhardt Jr fan. He was the first driver I ever started cheering for. A while back, I signed up for a chance to have my … Continue Reading

The day after

Yesterday was a LONG, interesting, but fun day. The interesting started in the morning. I went shopping for some stuff at Walmart and had to lay on the horn twice within a span of a couple minutes while I was leaving the parking lot. People need to pay attention when they drive. Then I stopped … Continue Reading

FOX has their head up their *bleep*

:soapbox: This weekend is the first nite of the 2008 NASCAR season. I was excited. I love nite racing. But the nite started off on a bad note. First, FOX decided to start the pre-race before it was even scheduled to come on. And then, they leave the broadcast right before the race was supposed … Continue Reading