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Winter horror-land

I think my last post jinxed us. This is what it’s like outside right now … They’re advising no travel in town … The city of Fargo is advising residents to avoid travel on Fargo city streets. Fargo police officers and Fargo Public Works staff are encountering numerous vehicles stuck in the snow. Blowing and … Continue Reading

AC in March?

This is just crazy. It’s gorgeous outside again today. It’s 65° out right now. But it got up to 83° in my apartment earlier today. It was awful in here. Yeah … I did have the oven on to make a pizza for dinner and then roast some chicken for soup. And I was boiling … Continue Reading

Random Bits

It is so gorgeous outside today. I ran some errands right after dinner. I wore my coat when I left, but took it off and left it in the car after I left Walmart. Weather Pulse (the program I use for weather updates) says its 59° outside. But according to the thermometer I have out … Continue Reading

Witchy woman

With a capital B. That’s how I’ve felt this afternoon. I was fine this morning. Then I got back from lunch, and it all went downhill. Nothing happened that caused it. I have no idea what my problem was. The afternoon just drug on. And on the drive home, people in front of me didn’t … Continue Reading

A good sign

I actually wore my contacts to work today. That’s a pretty big deal. I’ve been having troubles with my eyes for probably close to a year now. First, my corneas were distorted. That got better and I could wear my contacts again for a couple months. Then my eyes started bothering me again. And they’ve … Continue Reading

Free money

One thing I love about my new bank is that they pay you 10¢ every time you use your check card. I use mine all the time. I rarely have cash on me, and I only write checks for the bills that I can’t pay online. Well, I just checked my account online and my … Continue Reading

Microsoft can kiss my ass

I’m definitely not a big fan of Microsoft, but I do admit that I use some of their products … mainly Windows XP and Office. I also use Microsoft Money. I have Money 2003. I’ve been thinking of trying something different. I checked out Quicken this weekend. I wanted to download a trial, but you … Continue Reading

Vacation set

I have decided when I am taking vacation. I will be taking it during the fair. They mentioned it on the news tonite and I checked out the website to see what the concerts were gonna be. The website said Joe Nichols and BlackHawk and Restless Heart. And on the news they mentioned Emerson Drive. … Continue Reading

Phantom messages

About 10 minutes ago or so, my phone alerted me (not one of the sounds I’ve set up, so it surprised me). I had a voice mail. Huh? My phone never rang. How did I get a voice mail? It has happened before … I think the network was wonky or something. So I called … Continue Reading