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Time to file

I FINALLY got the tax form I needed from Job Service. Gotta love how the government waits ’til the last minute to send those things out. So guess what I’ll be doing tonite … filing my taxes … woohoo. I just need to track down that link to e-file for free. I think I found … Continue Reading

What the hell is Verizon smoking?

I got an email from Verizon earlier tonite telling me that my latest statement is available online. It also said that my current balance is $61.21. :censored: Normally my bill is around $55 since I upgraded my phone and got a text/picture message package. Why the hell is it $61? So, I went to view … Continue Reading

Never shop hungry

I’ve been told or heard and I try to live by: Never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. If you do, you end up buying stuff that you really don’t need and that aren’t good for you. It’s just not a good thing. I didn’t listen to myself tonite. LOL I went to the grocery … Continue Reading

Fairly painless

As I mentioned in my last post, I upgraded my WordPress install to version 2.1. I only had one real issue. The More Smilies plugin that I use made my install blow up. I went to the website for the plugin and found an updated version. Once I installed that, everything was happy. Everything else … Continue Reading

Time to upgrage

I found out over on Matt’s blog that WordPress 2.1 is now available for download. I downloaded it already, and I plan on upgrading tonite after I eat supper. So … The site will be down for a bit while I’m upgrading. But fear not … I shouldn’t be down for long. It’s always been … Continue Reading

Two-thirds there

I can ALMOST do my taxes. I got my W-2s at work today. And I came home from work to find my 1098-E from SLND for my student loan interest. The only thing I’m waiting on is something from Job Service for when I was laid off for that month. I expected to be waiting … Continue Reading

It’s all mine

Or at least it will be when I get the title in the mail. I made my FINAL car payment tonite after work. AND … the lady I talked to said that she spoke with her supervisor and the late fee that had been on my account was going to be removed. Since I had … Continue Reading

I hate shopping

My Mom gave me a JCPenney gift card for Christmas. I still have the entire balance of that gift card. I ventured to the mall New Year’s weekend to see what they had in the store. They had a couple of cute tops, but of course, they didn’t fit me very well or I just … Continue Reading

You’re Pre-Approved! Who cares!

Are you tired of getting those ‘pre-approved’ offers for credit cards and loans in the mail? I know I am. Most of the time, I rip the envelope in half without even opening it. They’re a major waste of trees. Well, I found a website in the latest issue of Consumer Reports (we get it … Continue Reading

Simple question

But apparently a very complicated answer. :banghead: It all started when I got the invoice for my December car payment. On it, it had total amount due of around $428 but regular scheduled payment of about $250. For the entire duration of the loan, payments have been about $250. So, because of the differing numbers, … Continue Reading