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Does it work or not?

THAT is the question. What is IT? IT is the motor for the driver’s side front window. I had some issues with it last fall where it didn’t want to move up OR down. It got worse a couple months ago. I went to the bank, rolled down the window (or tried to) and heard … Continue Reading

Broke down

I decided to sign up for Trackpass Scanner today. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to since it’s $29.95 a year, and from what I’ve heard on a Dale Jr message board I visit, it doesn’t always work. But I thought I’d give it a shot. And I get a 14 day free trial. … Continue Reading


It is so beautiful out today. It’s been bouncing around 37° and 38° all day. It’s about that right now. The sun is out, but there are some clouds around. The snow is melting. Spring is in the air. :clap: I don’t wanna think how nice it would be if he hadn’t got all this … Continue Reading

Snow Day

Well … looks like I’m staying home today. I hadn’t gotten an email from Kelly as to whether or not work was closed. The Fargo schools are closed (and they usually don’t close) and we’re still under the blizzard warning. I’m not sure how the roads are in town, but on the local news, I … Continue Reading

When will it stop?

It started snowing around the time I left work yesterday. It has continued to snow since then … with a few breaks this afternoon. I’m not sure how much we’ve gotten thus far, but I think it’s over 5 inches. I need to watch the news to find out for sure. This was the scene … Continue Reading

Days like this

On days like today, I really wish I was still in school. We got around 6 to 7 inches of snow overnite and it’s still snowing. I guess the roads out of town are pretty treacherous. There are a bunch of schools around here that are closed today. I wish work was. I’m pretty sure … Continue Reading

Only took 2+ years

I only signed up in October 2004. I finally hit $100 in January 2007. That’s only 27 months. My sites aren’t very high traffic, are they … LOL. That money will come in handy though. Who doesn’t like money? LOL Now I just need to keep an eye on my account for it to be … Continue Reading

I ♥ coupons

I just bought 2 bags of (40 count) Pizza Rolls for $1.50 each. :G-razz1: Regular price is $3.51 each. So I saved $2.01 each on those suckers. Not bad. The store had a coupon for 2/$5, and I had 2 50¢ off coupons that were doubled. I saved a grand total of $8.01 on what … Continue Reading

Not just another myspace

For the past month or so on a Dale Jr message board I’m on, they’ve been talking about a new ‘social networking’ website out there. But it’s not just another MySpace. It’s built as a race fan community. And I found out last weekend that Dale Jr is a part owner in the site. Talk … Continue Reading

They’re here

I finally got my new check blanks and check card from my new bank today (probably would have gotten them yesterday if it wasn’t for that stupid federal holiday :G-razz1: ). I’m still waiting for the letter with my PIN number, but I can still use the card and check blanks. I just can’t go … Continue Reading