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Business casual?

I’m lucky that where I work that I can basically dress however I want … within reason of course. I don’t think you can make a bunch of programmers (or now only 2, including me) dress up … LOL. Case in point … here’s my work footwear … I decided to take these to work … Continue Reading

Soothes the savage beast

It’s amazing how music can change a person’s mood (or at least it can mine). Since the post office was closed today (stupid federal holidays), I decided to go to the Job Service office to fax my crap in. But I get there only to find out that they’re CLOSED. :censored: So, I wasted half … Continue Reading

Stupid federal holidays

Dammit. I just realized that Monday is President’s Day. That means that the post office is closed. Shit. I was planning on mailing that letter on Monday. Now I’m going to have to go to the JSND office on my lunch to see if I can fax it in instead so they get it within … Continue Reading

Thank goodness I keep (pretty) good records

Today started out pretty good. Yeah, I got up about 8am or so, but was actually in a pretty decent mood. I paid some bills and then went to the grocery store to get some stuff. I wanted to get that done early because I was waiting for Robin to call about the painting party. … Continue Reading

Almost full

I uploaded a bunch of songs to my mp3 player. I think I’ve got around 400 or so songs on it right now. I think there’s about 250 MB or so of space left (of 2 GB total). I might take some off later and put some other stuff on. But it’ll do for now. … Continue Reading

Ripping the nite away

I’m busy tonite ripping a bunch of CDs that I decided I wanted on my mp3 player. I’ve got about 15 country CDs and 11 non-country CDs (rock/pop/alternative). So I’ve got my work cut out for me. I’m afraid that after I’ve ripped all this stuff and start transferring it to my player that I’ll … Continue Reading

All shiny and new

This morning, I opened a new checking account and a savings account at a new bank. I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time. But I haven’t really had the excess sitting in my account until now. I was going to do it last year after getting my tax refund, but I ended … Continue Reading

It starts now

It’s about time. The racing season officially starts this weekend … woohoo!! :dancin: There’s stuff on the Speed Channel ALL DAY (and dammit … I’ve got a lot of running around to do today). There’s practice for Cup qualifying tomorrow. The Bud Shootout is tonite. The ARCA race is this afternoon. Oh, it feels good … Continue Reading

It’s mine! It’s all MINE!

Well, I decided to get my mp3 player from Best Buy. Since my federal tax refund was deposited this morning, I went there after work to get my new toy. :clap: It’s plugged in right now charging. I love that it has an internal battery. But it sucks that I’ve gotta wait for it to … Continue Reading

It’s here!!!

I just checked my bank account online. My federal tax refund is here. :dancin: I think I’ll be stopping at Best Buy after work. 😀