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What the hell happened to spring?

Does this look like an April 16 morning? I don’t think so either. Mother Nature forgot the rule that no snow is allowed after the river crests. When I track the bitch down …

Can I pass this chance up?

Two of the items on my bucket list are to see a tornado with my own eyes and to go on a storm chasing vacation. I have been interested in the weather since I was in junior high. I love severe weather. I even went to college to pursue a degree in meteorology. Today I … Continue Reading

Random Thoughts for March 6th

Here we go again. There might be some complaining. There might be some NASCAR talk. This is my house, so it’s my prerogative to say whatever the hell I want. If you don’t like it, then don’t read it.  :razz2: ========== I finally decided to upgrade this place to WP 3.1. I was holding off … Continue Reading

I Need a REAL Vacation

And by real vacation I mean packing my bag(s) and leaving town … leaving the state of ND. I haven’t gone on a real vacation since I went to visit Melissa in Kansas in the summer of 2002. I drove down there (looooong drive in a car all by yourself). She was living on the … Continue Reading

Random Thoughts for Today

Yet another day. More random thoughts. I know you were just on the edge of your seats waiting for the next one. </sarcasm> ========== Did they change the speed limit on I-29 through town? I could have sworn the signs say 55 mph, but no one seems to drive that (not even me). I tend … Continue Reading

Random Thoughts for Today

I miss “Februany”, especially with the coupons we had in the office for $1 off a footlong. I could get a real cheap lunch. Not anymore. Got a 6″ oven roasted chicken meal, and it was $6.20. They raised the prices on that sub (used to be $3.25 for a 6″; now it’s $3.50) AND … Continue Reading

Random Thoughts for Today

I had eggs for breakfast. Yeah … they were Reese’s peanut butter eggs … so what. :pbbt: ========== Why is it that I feel bad that I’m taking a full hour for my lunch break (when I stay at the office)? I’m entitled to it. Yeah, the deadline for a project I have a lot … Continue Reading

Random Thoughts of the Day

Earlier this week, I decided to place myself in a voluntary social media blackout. I tweet too much and spend too much time on Facebook (not playing any of the stupid games, just checking my news feed). Because of the blackout, I have a bunch of stuff running through my head that I would have … Continue Reading

Anti-socially social

I’ve heard that term floating around the web. I think I’m a poster child for it. I hate being alone, but I don’t like going somewhere where I don’t know anyone. Or even if I do know people where I’m going, I usually feel out of place or that I don’t belong. I feel more … Continue Reading

How do you get motivated?

I’m sorry to say … I’ve fallen off the wagon. I started strong, but I fell face first in a pile of stinky horse dung. I have no one to blame but myself. I can’t seem to find the motivation. Either that or there’s a magnet in my bed and another in my fuzzy pj … Continue Reading